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We truly believe in great coffee and our promise is to deliver the best cup of coffee to each customer every single time they visit. We're passionate about every detail, from our specially selected Fairtrade beans to our skilfully trained baristas, to our dedication in doing our bit to helping the environment.

The Insomnia Blend

We launched our 100% Fairtrade coffee in 2006. We have travelled far and wide to meet the co-ops and farmers who grow our coffee. For us it’s essential to know our farmers, for them to know us and to create a long lasting relationship together.

The Insomnia Blend is a unique recipe, blended weekly just for us. The shorter the time between roasting and serving, the fresher, smoother and fuller flavoured the taste.

Tasting notes

“Syrupy, smooth body with liquorice note and aromas of cherry. Through milk notes of cocoa powder with a clean, round creamy finish.”

The speciality grade beans are sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Sumatra and Vietnam.

  • Colombian Bean: Medium body, subtle citric top notes, clean finish
  • Brazilian Bean: Big body, chocolate malt & nutty notes, lasting finish
  • Vietnamese Bean: Medium body, chocolate notes with hint of apple acidity, long & rich finish
  • Sumatran Bean: Creamy body, toasted sugar & smoky chocolate notes

The perfect extraction for Espresso, the base for most of our coffees: 14 grams of Coffee, 25 seconds, 95°C and 50ml of specially filtered water.

Tasting notes

Voyager Medium Roast

We are delighted to introduce the 3rd edition of Insomnia Voyager, our medium Roast 100% Arabica.

Every year we pack up, go out and find you a new exotic coffee to try, roast it medium and with heaps of respect.

This year we went to the mountains of Honduras and Papua New Guinea. Just one sip and you will be transported there too.

Join us on a Journey with our New Medium Roast Coffee!

Medium Roast

Medium Roast - is both balanced with acidity and sugar. Sugar is more pronounced. Increasingly more popular, starting to see on the high street.

What does it taste like?

It has notes of milk chocolate, marzipan and caramel with a light citrusy acidity.

What is the difference between Dark Roast and Medium Roast?

  • The new coffee has been roasted for less time
  • This means less caramelisation of sugars
  • Increased sweetness
  • Less acidity
  • More Cherry qualities
  • Softer
  • A completely different tasting experience to our Signature Dark Roast