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The Insomnia WayThe Insomnia Way

The Insomnia Way

We’re genuine and fun lovin’ with a fresh approach to enjoying the little moments in life.

Our strength lies not only in the quality of the coffee and food we serve, but also in the experience our customers have with us when they visit. We are a destination for everyone who loves great coffee, without the fuss and we live to make every visit to our stores a fun one.

We promise that you will get the best cup of coffee every single time you visit.

To deliver on this, quality is at the core of our philosophy - from the Fairtrade coffee we serve, to the handcrafted technique we use to make every single cup. The food you enjoy in Insomnia has also been specially selected from local producers. So you can enjoy the same level of quality, no matter what.

Change is good and we like to see the word ‘new’ in our stores regularly. Whether that’s new flavours, new technologies or new stores, we are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight.

We have an appetite for innovation and are always seeking new opportunities and ways of doing things differently.

Our philosophy on customer service is very simple:

That's what we're all about! When you pop in for your morning coffee or your afternoon pick me up, we want you to feel at home.

Our team are always on hand to make your day better – whether that’s remembering your daily order, or getting your lunch order ready quickly on a busy day. If there is something you’re not happy with – tell us!

Our world is better when our customers are happy ones!

Our People

Our promise is that you will get the best cup of coffee, in whichever format you choose, every time you visit our stores. To keep this promise, there are 50 hours of barista training behind every cup of coffee we serve. Quality and customer service are key elements to our philosophy, and each one of our baristas deliver this with their skill, personality and passion for coffee.

Our expertly trained baristas and engineers are the geniuses behind our coffee; it’s their continuous inspections of the coffee machine, temperature, crema, colour and taste, which always delivers the best cup of coffee.

Click here to view our career's page and join our team! 

To view our Gender Pay Gap Report, click here.

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